We go all the way
for you

We bring you the best of the best blockchain and crypto advisors, developers and/or team members. Anything you need to make your project a succes, we deliver.



We have instant acces to top notch legal, strategical and technical ICO advisers, that helped raise hundred of millions of funding.


Community building

We can provide the best community managers with trackrecord in past successful ICOs to bring your team to the next level.


Tech & audits

We can provide your blockchain project with world class smart contract developers from all over the world. For short and long term positions.


Everything you need to make your project a succes.

Legal Advice

We can connect you to legal experts in your field that will check the important aspects of your token and your company.

Smart Contract Audits

People trust on certain companies to provide knowledge about trustless systems. We will get you reviewed and your contracts audited by the right people.

Community Engagement

Your story over all channels, continuously. That is the modern way of marketing. We will keep your community engaged and growing.

Bounty and Pre Sale Backoffice

We have developed a solid software solution for managing your bounty programmes and pre-sale funding.

Team Optimization

Having strong advisors on board gives investors trust. With the right influential advisors you show that trusted people back your stuff. We help you reach the best advisors.

Keynote Speakers

We can provide your blockchain/crypto event with top notch speakers from the blockchain and crypto space.